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Do you want to learn more about natural dyeing? Are you looking for naturally dyed goods? Let's work together! Below are some of my offerings.



Personalized Workshops

This workshop is designed for you, your friends, your family, or whomever you decide to invite! Public workshops are great if you and a friend want to learn a new skill but if you have a larger group interested in the experience,  this style of workshop is a great way to make an event special. I travel to you and bring all my equipment and supplies, you provide the space, and whatever food, drinks, and decorations you would like. This workshop works great for baby showers, bridal celebrations, or birthday parties, or for anyone looking to connect deeper with nature and art in a hands on way.


How It Works

Tailored to your event    Each workshop is tailored to you and your group. It can be as general of specific as you like, you pick your number of guests, the dye method you’ll learn, the materials you dye, and the length and time of the workshop. 

Pick your method   I currently have three methods available to choose from

Natural Indigo: This workshop covers the process of creating an organic indigo vat using the 123 method. You'll learn how to create a vat, how to dip in an indigo vat, and how to create a range of designs using different shibori techniques.

Natural Dyeing: This method covers the basics of how to use natural dyes. You’ll learn what makes a good dye, how to collect plants, how to mordant, how to extract dye, how to dye fabric, and some simple shibori techniques . 

Ecoprinting: This workshop covers the basics of ecoprinting different plants onto fabric and paper  using a few different methods.

Pick your Materials   There is a wide range of materials available to dye. I work with you to find the right fabric, fibers, garments, and other dyeables to suit your group. There is also an option with the indigo and ecoprint workshops for participants to bring natural fiber items from home to dye. 


What you take home    At the end of the workshop you’ll leave with the items you dyed, a downloadable guide that details the process you learned, and access to the photos taken at the event. If you host an indigo workshop you also get to keep the indigo vats we make!

Group size   The minimum group size is 5, maximum is 15

Prices  $60 per person + materials fee

Materials fees range based on what you choose to dye, a typical workshop materials fee ranges from $10 -$30. 

Payment   I accept card, cash, paypal, or personal check. I can accept a bulk payment or payment from each participant  on the day of the workshop, but I do require a deposit of 75$ upon booking (this covers the fee for the host and you will not have to pay anything additional on the day of the event). 

Booking and availability   Please email me at to book a workshop or check availability. 




The Details

If you are an organization and would like to host a workshop open to the public, please contact me for more details, I would love to work with you!


Public Workshops


I love to work with other organizations, artists, and individuals. Below are some of the common ways that I collaborate with designers, brands, and other organizations but if you have an idea for a special project outside of this scope please feel free to email me. I look forward to working with you!

Consult on natural dyeing and textile production

Provide education or training on natural art processes

Hand dye small collections for designers and brands

Write tutorials and articles on natural art processes and creativity

Create art and nature programming and curriculum for organizations

Collaborations and Commissions


I work with select stockists to fill small wholesale orders of my products. If you are interested in placing an order please email me at to request a line sheet.

Wholesale Orders

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