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The roots of the madder plant have long been used to create a rich red dye. Madder grows rapidly and self seeds readily but it takes three years before the roots are ready to harvest for dye purposes.  This is a vining perennial plant best grown in containers or raised beds to prevent it from spreading into other areas. Madder sprouts up in spring, grows vigorously in the warm season, bears small black fruits in the late summer and early fall and then dies back in the winter. Spread mulch over plants in the winter to protect from frosts. Madder seeds can be direct sown or started indoors and transplanted out a few weeks before your last frost date. The plants like full sun as long as they stay consistently watered.  Madder can also be propagated from cuttings, or divided in the fall and spread to other areas of the garden. Harvest roots in the fall after the foliage begins to die back. Likes rich soil that is slightly alkaline. Add lime to the soil to deepen the red color of the roots. Each packet contains 2 grams of seeds, approximately 30 seeds. Only ships within the United States.

Madder (Rubia tinctorum)

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