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Also known as pincushion flower, scabiosa are often grown as a cut flower. The black knight variety is a deep purple and produces shades of purple, blue, and green on fabric depending on the mordant and the pH modifier. The compound anthocyanin is responsible for the purple color in the flowers and it is pH sensitive meaning the color of the dye will shift depending on if it is exposed to an acidic or alkaline environment. Can be used for dyeing garments but be aware that the colors may shift slightly depending on how the fabric is washed. Black Knight scabiosa is perennial in USDA zone 9 and above, and planted as an annual in other climates. Start seeds indoors a few weeks before your last frost or direct sow after your last frost date. In hot climates sow seeds in the fall or late winter. Sow seeds at ⅛”th depth. Plant 6” to 10” apart. Scabiosa like full sun but will tolerate partial sun in hot climates. Plants can get tall and may need to be staked or netted. Loved by bees. Flowers can be used fresh or harvested and dried to use later. Leaves as well as the flowers are great for eco-printing. Harvest flowers continually throughout the growing season to encourage more blooms.  For more information on growing and dyeing with black knight scabiosa check out my blog post here. Each packet contains 1 gram of seeds, approximately 125 seeds. Only ships within the United States.

Black Knight Scabiosa (Sixalix atropurpurea)

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